Winter Farmers Market
In store wine tasting. Celebrating Valentine’s Day
In store wine tasting

Savour was founded in 2018. My passion for wine, winery experiences and wine education is an extension of my passion to showcase the uniqueness and diversity of BC wines. I love the stories behind the wineries, how they came to be, the passion of the winemakers and winery proprietors. And I am excited to share their stories.

Savour is a home-based business focusing on supporting wineries of British Columbia. Established in Kamloops which is home to the
Kamloops Wine Trail. In 2019 was branded a new sub GI
(Geographical Indication) called the Thompson Valley which is
currently home to four wineries. This burgeoning sub wine region is flourishing with the support from the citizens of Kamloops. The new Wine World is crafting amazing wines expressive of their terroir and the myriad soil types in which the vines thrive and the grapes grow. I love how tasting a wine can remind me of place and time here. Wine is food, friendship, celebration and tradition. And I love the fact that my passion for wine and Savour’s personal service can give some joy, new-found friendships and be part of your celebrations and

Savour’s services include showcasing the various wines from wineries in the 14 wine regions in British Columbia through venues such as wine festivals, liquor stores, grocery wine departments, the local farmers market, as well as on-line platforms. And, my passion and company doesn’t stop at wine, we support local, crafting gift baskets featuring locally-made products such as jams, jellies, spreads,
cookies, crackers, chocolate and the list goes on about what can be paired with fabulous BC wines, family, friends, good food,
conversations and memorable times.

Savour’s brand voice is friendly and a little funny. It is casual,
respectful and definitely enthusiastic. add another page.

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